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Well, in spite of all my efforts, I wasn’t able to get into China under acceptable circumstances. With several months of dealing with the Chinese bureaucracy, it is possible to obtain the necessary permits to travel on certain roads, get Chinese number plates, and a Chinese drivers license. The real stumbling block is that they require you to travel with one of their paid guides, following him in his slow car, staying where he says to, and going only to the places you originally indicated you were to go. Deviations are not permitted. All of these limitations will cost you a astounding US$150 a day. Hardly a worthwhile proposition.

I do believe that China will be more open to overland travel in the near future. It is inevitable, and several backpackers I spoke to said that they were changing all the road signs to both Chinese and English. That has to mean something.

As soon as China opens itself up to unrestricted travel, I’ll be there!